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How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Next Company Announcement

The next time you’re about to post an announcement on any social channel, try this:

As a founder, of course you want to share all of your big company announcements on social media. These types of posts also tend to get a lot of attention (not to mention a sea of “congrats” in he comments). While you’ve got that attention, why not use it to your advantage? The next time you’re about to share…

  • New funding
  • A product launch
  • An executive hire
  • That an article you wrote was published or you received great press coverage
  • That you were a guest on a podcast
  • A new partnership

Take five extra minutes and do this. I promise it’ll be worth it.

If you’re posting about new funding: Pair that link with a personal story about the earliest days of your company and how things have changed. Let your audience get to know who you are as a founder and help them believe in your vision, too.

If you’re announcing a product launch: Share an interaction you or someone on your team had with your target customer that illustrates the clear need for this product.

If you’re announcing an executive hire: Ask them what they’re going to prioritize for their first 30 days on the job and publish their answer in the post (with permission and a version you can share publicly, of course). Tag the person in your post, but only in the comments so they aren’t bombarded with notifications.

If you had a bylined article published, were a guest on a podcast or got great press coverage: Share your favorite question from the interview, why it was your favorite, and how you answered. You can even quote the article directly. Tag the interviewer in your post, but only in the comments so they aren’t bombarded with notifications.

If you’re announcing a new partnership or acquisition: Share how you personally knew this was the right partnership or acquisition for your company. Keep your answer as real as possible. Genuine is better than forced.

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