We Turn Founders Into Thought Leaders

We believe that most startup founders under-use one of their most powerful go-to-market assets. 

A secret weapon that will help them drive demand in the short-term and make future growth easier. 

The key to consistently being top-of-mind with talent, customers, and even investors. 

What is it? Their vision. Specifically, channeling that vision into thought leadership that gets the right people to pay attention and leads to real, meaningful growth. 

We don’t need to tell you that your vision is a powerful thing. It’s the reason your story resonated in the earliest days of your company. It’s why those first employees, customers and investors believed you were building something different. 

They were right. You are building something different. 

But as your company started to grow and evolve, there’s a good chance you stopped relying on your vision to help your company gain traction. You’re not alone. Most founders don’t see their vision as part of their long-term marketing strategy. 

That’s a missed opportunity. Because the vision that helped you win over the right people in those earliest days can still help you win customers, talent and investors at scale. 

As your company’s founder, you’re in the best possible position to channel your vision into thought leadership that moves the market. 

After all, you’re already a leader. Our job is to help you lead in public with content that inspires lasting loyalty and meaningful action. 

Think of us as your partner in leading out loud. First as strategists, working to develop a focused plan for thought leadership that puts your vision on full display and reaches your top priority audiences. 

Then, as ghostwriters, bringing that strategy to life with consistent content. 

Oh, and your time commitment? Minimal. But the impact? Dramatic. 

“For any leader, it can be incredibly challenging to find your voice. Alyssa made it easy. I was blown away by the journalistic approach she took, and the way she applied her diligence, empathy, research, and creativity to convert my musings into tangible insights that I can use and turn to any time I feel unsure where to go next.”
– Catlin O’Shaughnessy Coffrin, Founder and CEO, Captivating Consulting
I found Alyssa's approach to content to be creative and refreshing. Her work hit the bullseye on the clients' needs every time. She's a beautiful writer, even on the most technical of topics. The work she produces truly resonates with prospects, customers and the general consumer.
– Molly Galler, Vice President at LaunchSquad

You Already Have Everything you need to become a thought leader

As a leader, moving people away from where they are now in order to march them towards something better is already part of your job description. So go on the offensive beyond the walls of your company:

  • Through your positioning, attack what’s broken
  • Point people towards a better way
  • Use your content to help your audience think and work in ways that move them towards that better way faster
  • And everywhere you go, act like a thought leader. Not an influencer who publishes to maximize reach. A genuine leader who takes a clear vision to market to win over others. 

Hi, I’m Alyssa

I’m a thought leadership strategist and ghostwriter who’s worked with growth-stage startups, Fortune 500 companies, and award-winning content agencies.

I’ve produced content for IBM, Ernst & Young, Capital One, Lockheed Martin, John Deere and other brands you’ve definitely heard of before.

These days, I help founders move the market with their words by tapping into the strongest go-to-market asset they have: their vision.

Together, we shift from capturing demand to creating it and channel their vision into words that lead to meaningful growth.

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