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How many of these sound familiar?

“I’m prepping for a fundraise and want to be proactive about building relationships with my ideal investors.”

“I know there’s more I could do as a founder to show customers why they need to work with my company.”

“I need to make a key hire, but the candidates who’ve applied so far aren’t the right fit for our mission and vision.”

“I want to get invited onto podcasts and interviewed for articles in key publications to expand our company’s reach.”

“I need to find the right partners to help grow our company faster.”

Let's build your founder brand so the right people take notice — and take action.

How We Can Help

Thought Leadership Strategy

Your words have more power when they’re backed by a well-thought-out plan. Whatever you want to achieve for your startup, we’ll do the work to make sure you’re saying the right things to the right people.


Done-for-you content in your voice and in support of your company’s top priorities. We currently offer LinkedIn posts, blogs, bylines and newsletters.

Story Sprint VIP Days

Need to spin up your company brand, personal brand, and thought leadership presence ASAP? With our branding partners at Verve, we offer VIP days for startups that need it done… well… yesterday.

The World Wants to Hear Your Story (We'll Help You Tell It)

What do all of our clients have in common? incredible visions, ideas that deserve to be heard, and very little time to share those first two with the world. Thankfully, we’ll never take up huge chunks of your time to make great thought leadership happen.

Working with Alyssa, I went from 3,000 to 11,000 followers and directly drove a huge increase in job applicants and demo requests from my LinkedIn presence alone. As a CEO I knew that sharing my personal brand with the public could help the business, but I had no idea how much. Alyssa helped me refine my thoughts and brought an impressive level of understanding of the the broader LinkedIn market that amplified my message tremendously.
CEO and Cofounder of a Series B, $500M SaaS company

How it Works


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Based on your company’s goals and budget, we’ll tell you where you should focus to make sure you’re creating content that gets you where you need to go.


Start Publishing Content That Grows Your Business

Whether you need to get in front of investors, customers, talent or all three, we’ll get you up and running quickly so you can start getting results from your words.

What We Believe

I’m Alyssa, the founder behind this thought leadership and storytelling practice. There’s one word I kept coming back to as I was building Owl Street Content. A word that so perfectly describes the inspiring startup founders I’ve met throughout my career.

That word? Misfit. We’ll have to forgive Merriam-Webster. They describe a misfit as “something that fits badly” or “a person who is poorly adapted to a situation or environment”. Sounds pretty negative, doesn’t it? But hold on a minute.

Founders DO fit badly. With conventional thinking. They ARE poorly adapted. To the way the rest of the business world does things.

So here’s to the misfits. The ones who can’t be bothered with fitting in. The ones who had the wildest imaginations on the kindergarten playground. The ones who’ve always been fearlessly original because they couldn’t imagine any other way of living. The ones who are most likely to lead with: “I have a crazy idea… hear me out”. The ones who aren’t afraid to ask the hardest questions.The ones who throw out the instruction manual again and again. The ones who’ve taken life and career leaps without a well-formed plan.

We need more misfits sharing their stories and how they think about their companies, industries and the world. More crazy ideas. More refusal to do things the way they’ve always been done.

If you’re reading this and nodding your head… are you in?

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