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Storytelling Strategy + Ghostwriting, Designed for Startup Execs

How We Work

After a decade of leading content initiatives for a range of wide range of companies and industries, Owl Street Content founder Alyssa Greenfield left the corporate world with a mission:

To help startup execs ensure their stories are heard: by prospects, customers, talent, investors, supporters and more.

Collaborative Storytelling

What do you get when you combine experience in journalism, content strategy, writing, editing and social media strategy? A knack for turning questions and curiosity into words that make an impact — no matter the platform.

Marketing-Minded Strategy

We work at the intersection of your story and your company’s story. Because we also have deep experience in marketing, content and social media strategy, we know how to build long-term plans that make the most out of your words.

Authenticity Over Algorithms

We’re strong believers that great storytelling gets noticed. We’re fans of vulnerability, authenticity and NOT saying what everyone else out there is saying. When it comes to thought leadership, we're proud rule-breakers around here.

Your stories and perspectives are so worth sharing

About Owl Street Content

We work with startup leaders that are ready to share their own stories with the world. Whether you already know what you want to talk about or you need help getting unstuck, we’ll work with you to build a thought leadership plan that makes a long-term impact for all the right reasons. 

The work we do is about great storytelling, because great stories have the power to:

  • Attract the right customers
  • Build deeper relationships with existing ones
  • Support employer branding efforts
  • Show investors why your company is different from the rest
  • Keep your company top-of-mind… consistently

But how do you get to the great stories? Curiosity,  thoughtful questions, and a lot of dot-connecting for starters. We’re kind of like human hard drives for our clients. 

  • We keep track of that thing you mentioned three calls ago and connect it to something you said today.
  • We present your thoughts back to you in an organized, objective way. We know that can be hard to do alone with everything else on your plate. 
  • Over time, we collect pages of proof that your ideas are worth sharing (in case you ever need a reminder!).

Ready to learn more? Let’s have a conversation and see if we’re a fit.

What people Say

"Alyssa is a pleasure to work with. I could feel her passion for developing a content strategy that would best position my business in the market. She is professional, knowledgeable, and invested in her client's success."
Stephanie Wissig
"I found her approach to content to be creative and refreshing. Her work hit the bullseye on the clients' needs every time. She's a beautiful writer, even on the most technical of topics. The work she produces truly resonates with prospects, customers and the general consumer. I would trust Alyssa to lead any content program, knowing she will ensure our clients meet and exceed their original goals."
Molly Galler
Vice President at LaunchSquad
“For any leader, it can be incredibly challenging to find your voice. Alyssa made it easy by doing her research and conducting a very targeted interview that she turned into dozens of organized themes, topics, and potential post ideas. I was blown away by the journalistic approach she took, and the way she applied her diligence, empathy, research, and creativity to convert my musings into tangible insights that I can use and turn to any time I feel unsure where to go next.”
Catlin O’Shaughnessy Coffrin
Founder and CEO, Captivating Consulting

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