Meet Our Founder


I’m Alyssa Greenfield, founder of Owl Street Content. I’m really glad you’re here!

I’m a content nerd who knows how hard it is to make time for strategy. Someone who’s no stranger to working with the most techy of tech experts, the most content-averse sales teams, and the most metrics-driven company leaders. Someone who wants to give you all the tools you need to succeed with content long-term. 

“I’ll be the partner I wish I had when I was working in the corporate world, building a content program from scratch."

I’ve worked in the magazine world, spending late nights pouring over tiny details in 9pt font to get the latest issue ready for print. 

I’ve lived the agency life, providing content and social media strategy to Fortune 500 companies and industry-disrupting startups.

I’ve collaborated on sponsored content with clients like Lockheed Martin, IBM, John Deere, and Starbucks. 

I’ve helped entrepreneurs discover what sets them apart and how to channel that with their messaging.

As the first and only content hire at a global enterprise tech company, I built and led a comprehensive content strategy, spanning a company blog, PR, paid and organic LinkedIn efforts, videos, email campaigns and more. 

You bring the company. I’ll bring the words.

Let’s have a no-pressure conversation (seriously).

 Tell me where you are with content right now. Ask all the questions you can fit into 30 minutes. I’ll come prepared with some fun questions, too. 

If you leave that call excited about what we could create together, great! But even if you don’t, I hope you’ll walk away with some helpful advice to start (or improve) your content journey. 

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